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I draw Vore, Weight Gain, Transformation, Inflation and a bunch of unusual stuff. If you personally don't like any of these things then don't bother looking at my gallery. My stuff is usually humorous and dark which is how I like doing vore. I have a variety of pictures for different likings. All this stuff is purely fantasy. I draw it because it's fun to do. Don't be afraid to critique my art, I'm always looking for ways to improve.
This week I will be worrying about midterms so art will be a bit slow again. I finished half of the last commission for the first batch. I will try to finish the 2nd one this weekend! Then I can start on my second batch and finish the 2nd KP animation. If you are interested in a commission then prices can be found here!


Kim Possible 2nd Animation

Once I finish up the commissions I will finish up the 2nd animation for the Kim Possible series. The animation will only be available on Eka Portal. I have decided not to edit the series and just leave it as it is. (For those who don't know DeviantArt Took down the KP series on their website because Kim is underage and was nude) All past Kim possible images will be on Eka Portal and no longer on DeviantArt. Future additions after the 2nd animation will be DeviantArt safe and be posted on this site.

No, I will not link you to my Eka Portal account. I can't because of deviantArt rules. I have the same name on that site.


Only 1 - 3 Characters in a Comic

I have decided to replace "reasonable amount of characters" option in my comic commissions. The max is 1 - 3 characters. Any characters above 3 are $5 each. I think that is fair. Plus I hate having a huge amount of characters in a comic anyways.


New Ocs on the way (September 24th)

 I thought I should tell you my side project. There will be changes on my oc cast. Changes like newcomers, redesigns and the addition of factions. Each oc will be getting their own OC sheet like Cynthia  and faction assigned too.

I never been a fan of a character that can do everything. I find it boring and feel the character loses their identity and becomes nothing but eyecandy. I like having characters with special abilities that can do things differently but also having a wide range of variety but just in that field. When I design these characters they won't  be based on one idea. I'm not going to make a bunch of ocs and never use them. I made that mistake in the past. I actually want to make ones I know for sure I will use and not get sick of them.

As of right now I have: 5 new ocs planned. Lets see who makes it through!

Redesigns For Existing Characters

  • Clothes will be changed like recolors or different outfits. Though some OCs like Greenery and Witchy will keep their main design but with small changes or different color schemes.
  • Powers will be changed. One of the things I love when drawing a oc is showing off what unique ability they have. Each oc will be given special traits and be more fleshed out.
  • Character Sheets for everyone. Everyone will have a fully detailed character sheet like Cynthia so you can know more info about them. 
They will all be placed in a faction. Though all the ocs you already know like Tofu, Lily, Witchy and Greenery are in the same one.


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I'm guessing you hate requests?
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do you accept requests? 
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How did you come around to drawing Witchy? What was your first experience with vore?
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I legit typed in "green" on Google, and on the last result, it said "green-glutton witchy". You're popular! :D
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Green is the best color EVER! :)
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Hi, GG.  What's up?  Just wanna talk.
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love your work, keep up the great work.
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Your webcam makes me laugh
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thanks girl
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what happened to the kim possible pictures all ready done
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Attack on Titan avatar cool
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